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april 1st the cure show... seriously

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the cure will be playing their only show of the summer at the royal albert hall, london on saturday, 1st april 2006.

3/8/2006 11:14:15 am - by desiredfaith

well...thats ok...dont think anyone will mind your "red" face! there are several posts here, on the news area and also on other sites about the meet-up before the show....

check out this link for more info on the pub!

hope to see you there...oh, are you traveling alone?

desired faith and selkie
3/8/2006 10:44:50 am - by incognita143

hi all! we only have 23 days to go. gotta finish my projects early before going to london. i'm leaving ny friday night and leaving sunday morning but it will be worth it. where will the fan community hang out after the concert? a pub/ bar? i try to avoid those places because even when i try to drink, my face gets red--so embarrassing.

3/8/2006 9:50:39 am - by selkiedoula

there are worse views than robert's backside. and simon too, for that matter. cyclist buns are always pleasing. :-)


neil - post your card details on here
3/8/2006 3:32:53 am - by realhoopsfc

and i will sort..
bloody hell!!

they don't accept my card
3/8/2006 3:16:27 am - by neil16

help! :(

some places now on r.a.h.
3/7/2006 10:56:22 pm - by djpylou

here the link to the royal albert hall; some places are available. choirs places (behind the stage)


3/7/2006 7:56:34 pm - by desiredfaith

great! so glad to hear that. i left you a post on "news" to tell you that i was able to pull up a ticket...was going to get one for you - but am glad to see that you were able to snag some yourself finally!
so your coming from ny? i am coming from baltimore...when do you plan to arrive?
well - happy travels!

see you all!!!
3/7/2006 7:26:01 pm - by incognita143

can't believe this but i am going to see the cure!!! i managed to find choir tickets but they're better than none. although i'll be facing their backs i'll still be there. can't wait. i'm literally using a third of my savings but it's quite worth it. we only live once (pardon the cliche)! by the way, any new yorkers going? ---serena.

3/7/2006 10:00:21 am - by zoe murrin

there are tickets available now on the royal albert hall website - be very quick!!!

look for a ticket
3/7/2006 9:54:01 am - by paulo411

hi readers,

i believe that one experience everybody must do in life is to see the cure in london. unfortunately all the tickets are sold out... :-( if possible, i would like to buy an extra ticket from someone. please contact me at paulojcabrera@hotmail.com

pablo from cali

mexican fan
3/7/2006 9:49:38 am - by casta_maldita

hi, does anyone can tell me is double 88 tickets is a good way to buy tickets because i tried to buy one im not sure if its working. i´ll aprreciate if someone answer me, and better if someone can sell me a ticket! i´m in spain but im going to london!

3/7/2006 1:52:21 am - by theyoungbrain

hi judit, have spoken to rah, tickets won't be mailed from them until 2 weeks before so bit short on time to mail to you in hungary. definitely best to send to your london friends. will email you tonight with/for address details etc... ps. rah said ticks were good ones! second tier box directly opposite stage. will mail around 19.30 british time...so don't panic!!! gr

my email addy
3/6/2006 10:44:45 pm - by martyjr

in case anyone wants 2 drop me a line?

london gig!!!
3/6/2006 10:20:00 pm - by martyjr

still cant believe i'm going to this lol.really looking forward to hopefully meeting some of you guys and gals at gig or somewhere(pub!!!).just finished work so will be around for a while. marty.....

thank you !!!!!
3/6/2006 11:44:14 am - by charlotte74

i will be there,this is more than i dream!!!!!we love you.

3/6/2006 10:10:20 am - by martyjr

not sure bout time,around 3-4ish? maybe earlier.cant bloody wait for this to happen!!!!sex,drugs and the cure!! well maybe not the sex! lmao!!!!!!

3/6/2006 6:23:52 am - by theyoungbrain

i have 2 tickets in the second tier that i don't need because i got them for friends but they have no money! i am willing to sell these for face value + booking fee (comes to about £80). mail me on: theyoungbrain@tiscali.co.uk if you're interested. i won't take any money until i have the tickets from the rah but the first person to reserve them can have them. i am not interested in selling above face value or holding an auction. the people who do so are scummy parasites.

3/6/2006 3:18:21 am - by martyjr

many thanks for hotel info.i have just got confirmation back that my room is booked in same hotel.woohoo!! lol.cheers.

so lucky
3/5/2006 4:05:18 pm - by nolanchic

yesterday i happened to see one post of the comments said there were some tickets available on the website of rah and found there were really some tickets left.
the result is that i got one.

sold out? so disappointed
3/5/2006 2:23:24 pm - by incognita143

just became a fan of the cure and now i can't stop listening to their music. i'm from new york and willing to miss work over the weekend and travel to london to see them. oh well, hopefully they'll come to new york.

i hope everyone going to the concert
3/5/2006 2:08:21 pm - by out of step&closing down

has a wonderfull time! i'm sure it will be amazing. i just hope i will get the opportunity to see them live!

3/5/2006 1:10:23 pm - by desiredfaith

i would love to stay for the dm concert the day after the cure....a friend of mine was going to come to london with me and we were going to catch both shows - but he could not make it, so i am coming alone! however, i am looking forward to meeting up with friends from this site!
i am not too disappointed about missing dm, as i will be seeing them here at my home in two months...but how cool would it have been to see them in london right after the cure!!!!!
wow!!! hope to see you soon!

accomodation in london
3/5/2006 9:21:55 am - by martyjr

hi there everyone! i managed to get tickets 4 me and my bezzy mate to see the cure as its been very long time since i saw them last.sod the ticket price!(sometimes u cant let money probs get in the way!!! lol). anyway i was wondering if anyone could suggest any b&b/hotel/travel lodge etc,etc.preferably not too expensive. yours ideas would be very helpfull.might even be able to meet up 4 some beers etc! many thanks. marty........(cornwall)

show in brazil
3/4/2006 10:43:47 am - by camila cordeiro

please, come here in brazil, i love the band much, much, much. my dream is see a show of the band and robert smith!!!

what about brasil ??
3/3/2006 6:36:46 pm - by labirinto

it´s not the first time that i came here and pray for the band come to brasil in 2006.
i hope in this time that is true !! millions of fans are belive in it ...
bloodkisses from the band , so what about brasil ??

got myself a ticket
3/3/2006 9:31:37 am - by servo42

thanks for the tip, desiredfaith. i got one from double8 also. yeah, it's expensive, but you only live once and it's the cure in london! i can't wait for this.

3/3/2006 6:10:40 am - by sikvmdare

rob smith u have so many fans here in tbilisi that are mad about your music but we will never see the cure here, there is no hope of that, only if you won't do such a crazy thing as to come here, but that would be really crazy. sorry for my english, your music is just helping me to survive.

3/3/2006 1:22:57 am - by b52flavia

...sorry for the stupid question but... is there any possibility of getting any tickets? i am trying to organize a trip leaving from italy, and catching the opportunity of both concerts in london, the cure and depeche mode...

i am mad with excitement...
3/3/2006 12:48:20 am - by the_suzanne

now that it is actually march i am feeling giddy.

i'm definitely dressing extra nice for this concert. i even bought an entirely new outfit. how often do will i get to go to a theater as beautiful and get to see the cure?

i'm bringing a pair of binoculers too since i'm way up in the standing gallery.

i wish i could dare to bring my good camera. i'm taking a one time use camera that has a zoom. then i can get it developed while i'm there.

the last time i tried to carry undeveloped film through the xray machine, it all got terribly ruined.

a fan from chile
3/1/2006 1:11:31 pm - by th3cur3

hey !!!!!!
when will we have you here
we have been waiting for so long
...!!!!!!here you have got the best fans in the world

did u know that chile is the last place in the world ???

you should know it
and if you come here you will know it
also all the others places in latin america or spain
or whatever the thing is that
i dont' want to die before i go to a cure concert

bye ,,,robert you're so gorgeous

lost and lonely:::::::