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children by 4 clubbers

children by robert miles was one of the biggest club hits of 1996. one of the first "dream trance" singles, it topped dance charts world-wide and was even a pop smash across much of europe and israel, selling over a million copies world-wide. it's piano lines, prominent melodies and overall dreamlike quality helped establish dream trance as a new genre of dance music.

the 4 clubbers recently rediscovered this dancefloor classic and have sharpened it's edges - taking the original musical elements, such as the pianos and synths, and toughening them up a bit with some pulsating drum kicks, electrifying electronics and a throbbing bassline. the end result is a sound harder and more progressive than the earlier versions.

after several years, the piano melody still has not lost it's charm. children by the 4 clubbers was released in europe in december 2001 and has been steadily climbing the charts in germany and the netherlands. remixes by future breeze and the junkfood junkies only add to it's appeal

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