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diamond sea

time takes its crazy toll
and how does your mirror grow
you better watch yourself when you jump into it
'cause the mirror's gonna steal your soul

i wonder how it came to be my friend
that someone just like you has come again
you'll never, never know how close you came
until you fall in love with the diamond rain

throw all his trash away
look out he's here to stay
your mirror's gonna crack when he breaks into it
and you'll never never be the same

look into his eyes and you can see
why all the little kids are dressed in dreams
i wonder how he's gonna make it back
when he sees that you just know it's make-belief

blood crystalized as sand
and now I hope you'll understand
you reflected into his looking glass soul
and now the mirror is your only friend

look into his eyes and you will see
that men are not alone on the diamond sea
sail into the heart of the lonely storm
and tell her that you'll love her eternally

time takes its crazy toll
mirror fallin' off the wall
you better look out for the looking glass girl
cause she's gonna take you for a fall

look into his eyes and you shall see
why everything is quiet and nothing's free
i wonder how he's gonna make her smile
when love is running wild on the diamond sea

dirty boots

here we go to another candle i know
all the girls there playin' on a jelly roll

time to take a ride - time to take it in a midnite eye
and if you wanna go - get on below
pinking out the day - dreaming out the crazy way
finger on the love - it's all above

everywhere it's six-sex-six by luck
a satellite wish will make it just enough
you'll be making out with a witch in a coffee truck

time to rock the road - and tell the story of the jelly rollin'
dirty boots are on - hi di ho
pinking out the black - dreaming in a crack
satan got her tongue - now it's undone

i got some dirty boots - yeah dirty boots
i got some dirty boots - baby
dirty boots


kool thing

kool thing sittin' with a kiddie
now you know you're sure lookin' pretty
like a lover not a dancer
superboy take a little chance here
i don't wanna, i don't think so
i don't wanna, i don't think so

kool thing let me play it with your radio
move me, turn me on, baby-o
i'll be your slave
give you a shave
i don't wanna, i don't think so
i don't wanna, i don't think so

yeah, tell'em about it,
hit'em where it hurts
hey, Kool Thing, come here, sit down beside me
there's something I gotta ask you.
i just wanna know, what are you gonna do for me?
i mean, are you gonna liberate us girls
from male white corporate oppression?
tell it like it is!
don't be shy
word up!
fear of a female planet?
fear of a female planet?
fear, baby!
i just want to know that we can still be friends
come on, come on, come on, come on let everybody know
kool thing, kool thing

when you're a star, i know that you'll fix everything
kool Thing sittin’ by the kiddie
now you know you're sure lookin' pretty
rock the beat just a little faster
now i know you are a master
i don't wanna, i don't think so
i don't wanna, i don't think so

kool thing walkin' like a panther
come on and give me an answer
kool thing walkin' like a panther
what'd he say?
i don't wanna, i don't think so
i don't wanna, i don't think so

teenage riot

you're it
no, you're it
hey, you're really it
you're it
no I mean it, you're it

say it
don't spray it
spirit desire (face me)
spirit desire (don't displace me)
spirit desire
we will fall

miss me
don't dismiss me

spirit desire

we will fall
spirit desire
we will fall
spirit desire
we will fall
spirit desire
we will fall

everybody's talking 'bout the stormy weather
and what's a man do to but work out whether it's true?
looking for a man with a focus and a temper
who can open up a map and see between one and two

time to get it
before you let it
get to you

here he comes now
stick to your guns
and let him through

everybody's coming from the winter vacation
taking in the sun in a exaltation to you
you come running in on platform shoes
with marshall stacks
to at least just give us a clue
ah, here it comes
i know it's someone i knew

teenage riot in a public station
gonna fight and tear it up in a hypernation for you

now i see it
i think i'll leave it out of the way
now i come near you
and it's not clear why you fade away

looking for a ride to your secret location
where the kids are setting up a free-speed nation, for you
got a foghorn and a drum and a hammer that's rockin'
and a cord and a pedal and a lock, that'll do me for now

it better work out
i hope it works out my way
'cause it's getting kind of quiet in my city's head
takes a teen age riot to get me out of bed right now

you better look it
we're gonna shake it
up to him

he acts the hero
we paint a zero
on his hand

we know it's down
we know it's bound too loose
everybody's sound is round it
everybody wants to be proud to choose
so who's to take the blame for the stormy weather
you're never gonna stop all the teenage leather and booze

it's time to go round
a one man showdown
teach us how to fail

we're off the streets now
and back on the road
on the riot trail

wish fulfillment

i see your wishes on the wall, and that's all right with me
i see you run to make a call, hoping that there's someone free
your life and my life they don't touch at all, and that's no way to be
we've never seemed so far

what's real? what is true?
i ain't turning my back on you
where're you goin'? where've you been?
making wishes, watching dreams

it might be simple, it might be true, i might be overwhelmed by you
you might be empty, the way your eyes just look right through
it's such a mess now anyway, wish fulfillment every day
i don't believe you, now i can't hear a word you say

i see you shaking in the light, reading the headline news
the others they're not quite so bright, we want them to choose you
I could almost see your face tonight, singing simple rhythm'n'blues
you'll always be a star

shake it baby! come'on scream!
just see your face in a magazine
don't doubt it! leaves Chris sore!
i can't stand it anymore

it's my favorite shot of you, you look so pretty your eyes were true
i'm still on your side, in spite of everything you do
we're only blood on blood on life, you paint me pictures every night
come wish beside me, don't you know you know what's right


i see a dog star divin' at his magic, snatchin'
keeps me up awake go crystal cracking
i can't wait
i can't stay, a candle
gotta change my mind before it burns out

i'm the Cocker on the rock
wind is whipping through my stupid mop

i see a falling snowgirl walking Broadway
turns the corner at 14th and i know there's no way
it's alright
it's alight candle
and i know she'll be okay by Sunday

i'm the cocker on the rock
humming bash starts shining
in your electric clock

it's safe to say, candle
tonight's the day, candle
it's alright now, candle
the wind's away, candle
never thought i'd see a dog star falling

i'm the cocker on the rock
wind is whipping through my stupid mop

green light

i kneel before the green light
of her singing crayon eyes
and then i kiss her stomach
and it's then i realize:
her light is the night
i'm not blind, i believe in you
i see a green light
i see a green light
i see a green light