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music video

3 doors down:here without you
when i'm gone
a.f.i.: girl's not grey
silver & cold
the days of the phoenix
ac/dc: back in black
highway to hell
aerosmith: i don't want to miss a thing
alice in chains: down in a hole
man in the box
no excuses
avril lavigne: complicated
don't tell me
i'm with you
losing grip
my happy ending
nobody's home
black eyed peas: hey mama
let's get it started
my humps
don't phunk with my heart
where is the love
shut up
blink 182: adams song
feeling this
what's my age again
i miss you
first date
bon jovi: always
blaze of glory
i'll be there for you
it's my life
thank you for loving me
breaking benjamin: so cold
britney spears: baby one more time
coldplay: clocks
fix you
in my place
speed of sound
the scientist
the corrs: when the stars go blue
crazy town: butterfly
revolving door
the cure: close to me
pictures of you
dido: here with me
thank you
evanescence: bring me to life
my immortal
five for fighting: superman
fort minor: where'd you go
remember the name
believe me
godsmack: awake
keep away
straight out of line
good charlotte: hold on
little things
gorillaz: feel good inc.
tomorrow comes today
clint eastwood
green day: boulevard of broken dreams
guns n' roses: don't cry
knocking on heaven's door
hoobastank: out of control
same direction
the reason
incubus: wish you were here
jennifer lopez: if you had my love
johnny cash: hurt
keane: somewhere only we know
kelly clarkson: because of you
the killers: somebody told me
korn: alone i break
did my time
falling away from me
freak on a leash
somebody someone
led zeppelin: whole lotta love
lifehouse: breathing
hanging by a moment
limp bizkit: boiler
my way
linkin park: breaking the habbit
madonna: die another day
justify my love
maroon 5: she will be loved
this love
michael jackson: bad
beat it
billie jean
my chemical romance: helena
i'm not okay (i promise)
vampires will never hurt you
welcome to the black parade
nickelback: someday
too bad
nirvana: come as you are
smells like teen spirit
p.o.d.: alive
will you
papa roach: last resorts
broken home
pear jam: i am mine
prodigy: smack my bitch up
seether: broken
shakira: whenever, whenever
hips don't lie
underneath your clothes
simple plan: perfect
staind: so far away
story of the year: until the day i die
switchfoot: dare you to move
system of a down: aerials
chop suey
three days grace: i hate everything about you
just like you
toni braxton: un-break my heart
trapt: headstrong
u2: new years day
sweetest thing
beautiful day
usher: yeah!
vitamin c: graduation (friends forever)
the wallflowers: one headlight
weezer: island in the sun
yeah yeah yeahs: maps
yellowcard: ocean avenue
only one
way away


season 5:
     episode 1: the mango
     episode 2: the glasses
     episode 3: the puffy shirt
     episode 4: the sniffing accountant
     episode 5: the bris
     episode 6: the lip reader
     episode 7: the non-fat yogurt
     episode 8: the barber
     episode 9: the masseuse
     episode 10: the cigar store indian
     episode 11: the conversion
     episode 12: the stall
     episode 13: the marine biologist
     episode 14: the dinner party
     episode 15: the pie
     episode 16: the stand-in
     episode 17: the wife
     episode 18: the fire
     episode 19 & 20: the raincoats (parts 1 & 2)
     episode 21: the hamptons
     episode 22: the opposite

season 6:
     episode 1: the chaperone
     episode 2: the big salad
     episode 3: the pledge drive
     episode 4: the chinese woman
     episode 5: the couch
     episode 6: the gymnast
     episode 7: the mom & pop store
     episode 8: the soup
     episode 9: the secretary
     episode 10: the switch
     episode 11: the race
     episode 12: the label maker
     episode 13: the scofflaw
     episode 14 & 15: the highlights of 100 (parts 1 & 2)
     episode 16: the beard
     episode 17: the kiss hello
     episode 18: the doorman
     episode 19: the jimmy
     episode 20: the doodle
     episode 21: the fusilli jerry
     episode 22: the diplomat's club
     episode 23: the face painter
     episode 24: the understudy

george carlin

back in town:
     sanctity of life
     capital punishment
     state prison farms
     farting in public
     familiar expressions
     free-floating hostility

parental advisory - explicit lyrics:
     parental advisory

you are all diseased:
     how's everybody doin'?
     airport security
     fear of germs
     harley davidson
     house of blues
     minority language
     man stuff
     kids and parents
     tv tonight
     adventuring lullabye
     american bullshit
     there is no god
     baseball vs. footbal
     death penalty

zhou xingchi

kong fu

mission: impossible : iii - trailer

louis l'amour

merrano of the dry country (dramatized):
     merrano of the dry country (dramatized)

bill engvall

a decade of laughs:
     here's your sign reloaded