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my name is luka
i live on the second floor
i live upstairs from you
yes i think you've seen me before

if you hear something late at night
some kind of trouble. some kind of fight
just don't ask me what it was
just don't ask me what it was
just don't ask me what it was

i think it's because i'm clumsy
i try not to talk too loud
maybe it's because i'm crazy
i try not to act too proud

they only hit until you cry
and after that you don't ask why
you just don't argue anymore
you just don't argue anymore
you just don't argue anymore

yes i think i'm okay
i walked into the door again
well, if you ask that's what i'll say
and it's not your business anyway
i guess i'd like to be alone
with nothing broken, nothing thrown

just don't ask me how i am

tom's diner

i am sitting
in the morning
at the diner
on the corner

i am waiting
at the counter
for the man
to pour the coffee

and he fills it
only halfway
and before
i even argue

he is looking
out the window
at somebody
coming in

"it is always
nice to see you"
says the man
behind the counter

to the woman
who has come in
she is shaking
her umbrella

and i look
the other way
as they are kissing
their hellos

i'm pretending
not to see them
i pour the milk

i open
up the paper
there's a story
of an actor

who had died
while he was drinking
it was no one
i had heard of

and i'm turning
to the horoscope
and looking
for the funnies

when i'm feeling
someone watching me
and so
i raise my head

there's a woman
on the outside
looking inside
does she see me?

no she does not
really see me
cause she sees
her own reflection

and i'm trying
not to notice
that she's hitching
up her skirt

and while she's
straightening her stockings
her hair
is getting wet

oh, this rain
it will continue
through the morning
as i'm listening

to the bells
of the cathedral
i am thinking
of your voice...

and of the midnight picnic
once upon a time
before the rain began...

i finish up my coffee
it's time to catch the train