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i'm on fire

hey little girl is your daddy home
did he go away and leave you all alone
i got a bad desire
i'm on fire

tell me now baby is he good to you
can he do to you the things that i do
i can take you higher
i'm on fire

sometimes it's like someone took a knife baby
edgy and dull and cut a six-inch valley
through the middle of my soul

at night i wake up with the sheets soaking wet
and a freight train running through the
middle of my head
only you can cool my desire

secret garden

she'll let you in her house
if you come knockin' late at night
she'll let you in her mouth
if the words you say are right
if you pay the price
she'll let you deep inside
but there's a secret garden she hides

she'll let you in her car
to go drivin' round
she'll let you into the parts of herself
that'll bring you down
she'll let you in her heart
if you got a hammer and a vise
but into her secret garden, don't think twice

you've gone a million miles
how far'd you get
to that place where you can't remember
and you can't forget

she'll lead you down a path
there'll be tenderness in the air
she'll let you come just far enough
so you know she's really there
she'll look at you and smile
and her eyes will say
she's got a secret garden
where everything you want
where everything you need
will always stay
a million miles away

streets of philadelphia

i was bruised and battered and i couldn't tell
what i felt
i was unrecognizable to myself
saw my reflection in a window i didn't know
my own face
oh brother are you gonna leave me
wasting away
on the streets of philadelphia

i walked the avenue till my legs felt like stone
i heard the voices of friends vanished and gone
at night i could hear the blood in my veins
just as black and whispering as the rain
on the streets of philadelphia

ain't no angel gonna greet me
it's just you and i my friend
and my clothes don't fit me no more
i walked a thousand miles
just to slip this skin

the night has fallen, i'm lyin' awake
i can feel myself fading away
so receive me brother with your faithless kiss
or will we leave each other alone like this
on the streets of philadelphia